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I’ve included below some testimonials from my clients over the years, although most are quite recent. Most of my testimonials are unsolicited, largely because I’m not organized enough to follow-up with a formal request. I can say that I love what I do, and I feel that is reflected in the quality of my work. I consider it a privilege that the vast majority of times after I speak, I receive emails and calls from participants, with comments, questions, sometimes soliciting advice and at other times providing it. I’ve even included a negative review I received below, mostly because it made me laugh out loud! 

"I’ve heard so many of these types of presentations before I quite frankly wasn’t expecting anything new. But Michelle was great, funny, interesting, and she provided useful tools that we can apply in the workplace."
University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine Staff Retreat

"Outstanding presentation. Michelle was a witty, engaging, and passionate speaker.  I had emails from my staff saying they had heard about Michelle’s talk from the Vice-Principal and could we please bring her to our school to present!"
Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange Annual Conference

"That was awesome, although I’m sure the use of “awesome” is outdated. You hit the nail on the head, and reminded me of my own kids when you talked about how to work better with Gen Y. Great job."
Alberta Southern Conservation Association

"You delivered on everything we had discussed, plus much more. We appreciated you taking the time to meet with our committee several times ahead of your presentation, brainstorm ideas with us, and develop a customized presentation. Your ability manage the entire day, including giving a presentation and then developing small-group activities, was much appreciated."
Agrium Inc. management retreat

"Just wanted to write and say that your workshop rocked. You’re very funny.  You don’t look like you’ll be funny, but you are."
Canadian Hemophilia Society young leaders retreat

"I was one of the teacher's that attended your insightful workshop on adolescents. I have to tell you after just speaking with my students for the rest of the week and reading things that they wrote, there were HUGE similarities with what you characterized them as, and what they were actually saying. It was brilliant!"
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board Professional Development Day

"My intention of the e-mail is to thank you so much for your inspiring and insightful words... Your knowledge about youth engagement coupled with your energy and sincerity has given to me a clearer picture of who I am
and how that will affect the youth and success of our program."
United Way of Greater Toronto Leading Speakers Conference

"On behalf of the students that attended the University of Ottawa's Leadership 101 seminar, I would like to thank you for giving us the power to reach beyond our selves. Your story will be a catalyst for our own experiences in giving us strength to overcome similar obstacles. Your willingness to give all of us a leg up in our careers is admirable, thank you."
University of Ottawa, Student Federation Conference

"I’ve been teaching for 17 years and you were the most fun I had at a PD day. Great info, a ton of fun, and your stories will be fodder for my dinner table this week. We can’t wait to have you back"
Manitoba Teacher’s Society Professional Development training

"Just wanted to say thanks for handling everything like a pro. When the projector broke I thought we were doomed! But you handed everything like a champ, and the audience never even knew that you had slides ready. Everybody was talking about your presentation over dinner. Thanks again!"

"You provided so many practical tools that I can take back to my work. I love working with my charges, but this can be a really tough job. It meant a lot to hear you say how valuable our work is. Listening to you has inspired me to be a better counselor."
Ministry of Children and Youth Services youth worker training

"You’re an excellent speaker. I related so well to what you were saying. I hope I get the chance to hear you again in the future."
Youth Justice Ontario annual conference

"You talk kinda slow, and I don’t agree with your comment that the boomers have to accommodate the gen x people. The buffet only offered cold options and the bread tasted real stale, somebody should say something to the hotel"
Identity kept anonymous, to protect all involved