Michelle Dagnino

Michelle is not a jack-of-all-trades. She is an expert however in everything Gen Y related, and loves to talk about how to engage them in school, workplaces and the community. In typical Gen-Yer fashion she sometimes forgets that there are other people in the universe besides herself, but when she does remember she does a kick-ass presentation on how to work with Gen Ys within a diverse, multi-generational workforce. Descriptions of all  her presentations are below. If you have any questions feel free to drop her an email or text or twitter, or whatever else the kids are using these days.

The Corner Office is Up for Grabs: Managing a Multi-Generation Workforce

One of the most important and prevalent factors affecting the workplace is the diversity of age of workers--from new young workers to baby boomers to individuals on the verge of retirement. In an interesting--and challenging--twist on the multi-generational workforce, you now have the potential of having four generations in your workforce, with each generation having its own expectations, habits, work styles, and beliefs. This presentation delves into ideas and innovations to handle the attitudes, meld the differences, and help the generations understand each other a bit better.

They took the corner office when you weren’t looking: Gen Y in the Workplace

That was then, this is now. Get ready for the generation revolution as half of Boomers now working are set to exit the workforce by 2015. The workforce dynamics are always changing – but none more so than the influx of Gen-Yers that are going to make up the majority of the workforce in the next decade.  Gen Y-ers represent a new class of employee – one schooled in technology, positive affirmation, collaboration and high expectations of success. How do you make it work for you and for them? This presentation arms you with all the information and tools you needs you need to make Gen Y-ers – and those working with them – happy in your workplace.

Gen Y in School: The 21st Century Learner

Gen Y (aka Millennials) students not only provide a challenge to traditional education learning and teaching, but also provide a rich context for examining new approaches to 21st century learning. Recent research suggests that this generation’s experiences of schooling are enriched by teaching strategies that have favoured close mentorship relationships, online learning tools and experiential learning. In this workshop discover strategies to increase millennial students' engagement with their school communities and explore their learning needs, allowing educators and administrators to develop its current learning and teaching practices in light of the realities of today’s young learner.

Connecting With Youth: Community Strategies for Meaningful Youth Engagement

Amid stories of disengagement amongst our young people, lack of leadership opportunities in the community and workplace, and the worries about the lack of opportunities for our youth,” we face the question of how to do we connect with young people? We need to connect with youth on a more meaningful level – how do we involve them as valued members in the decision making process and encourage innovation and creativity? This workshop reviews the fundamental concepts of youth engagement and considers the ways in which your organization’s capacity-building, outreach and recruitment strategies can contribute to creating access, equity and inclusiveness for all youth.

The Apology Project: Strategies and Solutions for Dealing with Bulllying

While the issue of bullying has been in the media spotlight more recently, it is a problem of all generations. Cyber tools have made the bullying more invasive than ever before, but the cause roots are the same - regardless of background factors - and we can begin to address them through effective tools of youth engagement. For both bullies and the bullied there are strategies for overcoming their struggles and insecurities. In this presentation, Michelle draws on 15 years of experience as a youth worker, and as one of the country's leading experts on youth engagement, to deliver a series of scenarios dealing with both bullies and the bullied. Providing strategies to employ both in school and at home, Michelle willsupport participants to think about practical ways to help youth overcome the causes and impacts of bullying.

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