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The Role of Technology in our Changing Workforce

Technology has always been a constantly evolving part of the world and part of the workplace. So why do we keep hearing more and more about how important it is to Generation Y and why we need to pay attention to it in order to keep our business running smoothly and our employees happy?

Managing the Intergenerational Workforce

Most companies today have an abundant mixture of generations within their workplace. With each emerging generation comes a new attitude, work ethic, life experience and set of goals. Managing a workplace with the generational diversity that we are seeing today presents its own very unique challenges.

Channeling the Generation Y Sense of Entitlement

Generation Y is unique in the fact that they have grown up with parents who showered them with praise constantly, often did not believe in the word “no” and who repeatedly told their children that they could be anything in the world they wanted. As they graduate from high school and college, this group retains their sense of privilege and has come to be known as the entitlement generation. In order for employers to get the most out of Gen Yers, they need to channel this sense of entitlement in order to utilize their employees and their skills effectively. The attitude in this generation is in direct opposition to the baby boomers, who, while are still a major force in the workplace, are starting to retire.