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Generational stereotypes obstructing communication and productivity? You’re not alone. This book helps leaders manage today’s diverse workforce by responding to the identities of the different generations in the workplace.

With four diverse generations now in the workplace, obstacles involving respect, communication, and work styles are cropping up faster than some managers can handle them. But if you’re prepared, you can foster respectful, collaborative work environment amongst the workforce.

While each generation has its merits and strengths, their weaknesses and stereotypes can cause contention and disrespect. Younger workers may not appreciate or understand the intense work lives of Baby Boomers; Gen Xers might rebel under the hierarchical direction of their elder generations. While you may not subscribe to the text-messaging habits of Gen Y, this book helps organizations to manage the different qualities and attributes each generation is bringing to the workplace.

Addressing issues from technology use to stress, from communication styles to conflict management, Michelle provides strategies and ideas on how to nurture a workplace environment that inspires resourcefulness and creativity.

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