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Thursday February 25, 2010
Musician Inspiration

Throughout time, musician’s have inspired youth.  They speak (or sing if you prefer) the politics, injustice, culture, values, expectation, indifference of the generations.  Some say they speak the truth while other say they stir the pot.  The Godfather of Soul James Brown said:“Don’t terrorize. Organize. Don’t burn. Give kids a chance to learn … The real answer…

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Wednesday February 24, 2010
The Lost Generation

This video is a must watch (and listen – listen carefully) about today’s youth – the “lost” generation.  It makes one think if they are lost — or truly found.

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Wednesday February 17, 2010

Twitter was all a-twitter yesterday with the hashtag #ChangeCamp2010.  It was a meeting in Toronto where people gathered to discuss, engage, share citizen-driven change-making.  Even those not in attendance could chime in via twitter (join the conversation HERE or follow @ChangeCamp on Twitter).  The conversations showed interested people engaged in community development and change-making. There is…

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Friday February 12, 2010
Olympic Tradition

The Olympics are a powerful motivator for youth worldwide.  For a moment in time, the world puts aside their political agendas, their economic differences and language barriers to compete in sport. In the weeks of the Olympics, youth see sportsmanship, victory with humility, defeat with honour.  They cheer on underdogs (who may just win) and follow athletes…

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Wednesday February 10, 2010
The Olympic Black Power Salute

In 1968, American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos made headlines by their Olympic Black Power Salute. They took to the podium in black socks (to represent black poverty), items around their neck (scarf and beads respectively) and black gloves on one hand respectively.  Following their salute, there was much discussed about their support of black…

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Friday February 5, 2010
Motivating Generation Y

Youth today have a toolkit complete with education, technical savvy, passion, loyalty and communication skills.  How do you motivate youth to use these tools for change? Through grassroots efforts.  Working on a “cause” at a local level, welcoming youth to use their time and effort for an issue close to their hearts, and growing the…

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