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Friday December 5, 2008
Remote Volunteerism

Youth Volunteerism sounds like a big commitment. Too big right? ‘Cause you’ve already enough going on. School. Homework. Chores. Maybe a job. Friends. Family. Where do you find the time to volunteer? You make the time. With the birth of smart technology comes a responsibility to create “smart time”. Use your time smartly! You could…

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Monday November 24, 2008
Weston Youth Innovation Award Submissions

This is for you, or someone you know, who is between the ages of 14-18 years old. Submissions are now being accepted for the Weston Youth Innovation Award. This award is presented by the Ontario Science Centre in recognition and encouragement of young Canadian innovators. They are looking for youth who; – are between the…

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Thursday November 20, 2008
Put Q-Tip On Your Calendar

When:Friday Dec. 5Who:2k Sports Bounce Tour featuring Q-Tip and the Cool Kids Where: TorontoHook Me Up: www.ticketmaster.ca Find more photos like this on Q-Tip Q-Tip was the leader of the critically acclaimed A Tribe Called Quest. A Tribe Called Quest is regarded by many as pioneers of socially aware hip-hop. Q-tip has continued as an…

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Tuesday November 18, 2008
A lady, rapper, role model

“Missy” Elliott is the only female rapper to earn six platnum records. She is a true-sucess in the industry – making millions in records sales – and getting R>E>S>P>E>C>T from her fans. She grew up in an abusive home. She now puts her star power behind the charity Break the Cycle (a U.S. charity which…

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Thursday November 13, 2008
Volunteer Awards

Do you know someone who is making a great contribution through volunteerism? Young Volunteers deserve recognition for their work. Nominating or applying to a volunteer award is a good source of encourgament for young community members. Volunteer awards are valuable on résumés and university applications. Volunteer Canada / Bénévoles Canada is a solid resource for…

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Monday November 10, 2008
Family Dynamic influences Youth Engagement

Modern youth (anyone aged between 13-29 years old) have been considerably influenced by their family dynamic. More so than previous generations. The nexus generation has grown up knowing “traditional” families, “double income” families, “single income” families, “blended” families, “dysfunctional” families and family “break-downs”. This has lead the youth to a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes…

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