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Thursday August 27, 2009
The Popularity Contest of Facebook and Youth

University of Guelph psychologists have done a study on youth and Facebook and have come to the conclusion that youth are driven to be popular on the addictive social media tool. The study by psychology graduate students Emily Christofides and Amy Muise was published in the journal CyberPsychology and Behaviour in June. The thing is…

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Wednesday August 12, 2009
International Youth Internship Program

International Youth Internship Program presented through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has been renewed through to 2014. This program is for Canadian graduates aged 19 to 30 inclusive. It provides the eligible youth with valuable international experience whilst building skills and knowledge. Students must be out of school and out of work. They must…

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Wednesday July 29, 2009
Youth Engagement Opportunity

This is an opportunity for Canadian youth to come together, get engaged and participate in a worthwhile event. 100,000 on The Hill is a peaceful gathering and public plea for stronger climate action. It will take place on International Day on Climate Action –October 24th, 2009. You are invited to the front lawn of the…

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Friday July 24, 2009
Lost Lyrics – Hip Hop Youth Program

Lost Lyrics was a hip hop youth program presented at the Oakdale Community Centre (Toronto, ON) in 2008. It could not be verified if this program is still on-going yet it is an important program to spotlight. “Lost Lyrics, an alternative education after school program that uses Hip Hop culture as a way of defining…

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Tuesday July 21, 2009
3rd Annual Eco Pulse Summer Youth Conference

Attention youth and youth activists! This is a must-attend youth conference for anyone interested in environmental issues, social justice and cultural awareness. A great “local” event to highlight global awareness. WHERE: Marguerite Centre, Pembroke, Ontario WHEN: July 31st to August 2nd MORE: www.ecopulse.org *Registration cost: $40 covers the whole weekend (workshops, room & board, conference…

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Thursday July 16, 2009
Michelle Dagnino: Words to Think About
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