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Wednesday March 31, 2010
Youth Delegates to G8/G20 Summit

Global Vision is recruiting Canadian youth ages 16 to 24 to particpate as Youth Delegates in 17 cities across Canada to learn more about the issues in the G8 and G20 Summits.  Participants will learn about the summit process, work in teams to discuss summit issues and learn more about Canada’s role as G8 President.…

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Thursday March 25, 2010
Youth = global awareness

Much of the media around Earth Hour is on how one person can make a difference to global awareness surrounding climate change. How can YOU make a difference? • Be an eco-activist in your home, school, community • Create awareness of climate change through conversation, artwork, photography, volunteerism and action There are ways in which…

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Tuesday March 16, 2010
Youth Positive

Today’s youth rally for change. Their grandparent’s generation accepted the world as it was – the good and the bad.  They dealt the hand they got…and learned to ‘make do’ with little.  How times do change.  Generation Y will not, WILL NOT, accept the world ‘as is’.  Further, they know they don’t have to.  Thanks to…

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Thursday March 11, 2010
Global Youth Culture

Youth can use their “voice” for change – even without speaking a word.  Photographs capture more than words can say.  Writing creates a permanent record.  These two mediums are tools for youth to bring about change in their global culture. Taking it Global is conducting a contest in the mediums of photography and writing, respectively, on…

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Wednesday March 3, 2010
Youth Summer Jobs

Though it is only March, youth need to start planning their summer job goals.  Summer jobs provide experience, communications development, wages, engagement and training to youth.  Where does one start in the job search? Ontario residents have the opportunity to start their own business with the help of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and University. …

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Wednesday February 17, 2010

Twitter was all a-twitter yesterday with the hashtag #ChangeCamp2010.  It was a meeting in Toronto where people gathered to discuss, engage, share citizen-driven change-making.  Even those not in attendance could chime in via twitter (join the conversation HERE or follow @ChangeCamp on Twitter).  The conversations showed interested people engaged in community development and change-making. There is…

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