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Friday April 12, 2013
Stop turning a blind eye to what your kid is capable of

Another young girl, full of potential, hope, and longing for a future that never came, is dead. It’s a shocking story to hear – a young woman is raped, humiliated, shamed and the boys, who were all known, escape any sort of punishment. The story has captured global attention – Rehtaeh Parsons was raped by…

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Tuesday October 13, 2009
Knock Knock – Power of the Spoken Word

This video shows the power of the spoken word. Poetry and Positivity. Power and Persuasion. Inspiring and innovative. Knock Knock – Michael Reed James.

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Tuesday March 31, 2009
Empowering Minds

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a globally recognized leader in post-secondary education. It is competitive to gain admission into this college. If one earns admission there is still the cost of American college tuition and boarding. Is higher education only for the rich today? MIT has unlocked the knowledge for all. MITOPENCOURSEWARE (yes, click…

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Tuesday March 17, 2009
About Summer Opportunitues

It’s about that time. Time to start thinking about summer opportunities for youth. Create or update your résumé (a good resource for résumés and cover letters is at the Microsoft Template site – yes, click that). Be sure to include volunteer positions, group affiliations and computer skills on your work applications. Experience doesn’t just mean…

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Thursday March 12, 2009
Youth Action Toolkit

Becoming an organizer of a youth activism project requires leadership, priority setting and a whole lot of passion for a cause. Amnesty.com has a youth activist toolkit to help youth (and groups of youth) organize and plan activities for a project. It’s a great tool to help raise awareness in your school and community. It…

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Monday January 5, 2009
Gaming & Engaging — YOUTH

TakingITGlobal is the spotlight of the week (see left). I’d like to bring to your attention the smart, FREE, gaming choices youth have on this site. The game makers at TakingITGlobal have married fun, inspiration, engagement, education and decision making into their on-line games. For example; Ayiti, a role-playing video game in which the player…

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