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Tuesday June 18, 2013
On “Being Productive”

I had a sitter come to my house today and I had a total moment of panic when I realized I didn’t have my day set out. I had this great “advantage” of having paid help to look after my children and I hadn’t planned every moment of my day to be sufficiently productive! Usually…

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Monday April 26, 2010
Generation Y Believes in Change

Generation Y strongly believes in change (both the idea of change and the concept that they are makers of change).  Having grown up in classroom settings where they have been invited into conversation, welcomed to help in decision making, applauded for flagging fault in process today’s youth know that their thoughts and opinions are valued…

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Wednesday February 24, 2010
The Lost Generation

This video is a must watch (and listen – listen carefully) about today’s youth – the “lost” generation.  It makes one think if they are lost — or truly found.

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Friday February 12, 2010
Olympic Tradition

The Olympics are a powerful motivator for youth worldwide.  For a moment in time, the world puts aside their political agendas, their economic differences and language barriers to compete in sport. In the weeks of the Olympics, youth see sportsmanship, victory with humility, defeat with honour.  They cheer on underdogs (who may just win) and follow athletes…

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Thursday December 31, 2009
Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! May 2010 bring new passions, interesting opportunities and innovative youth engagement in your organization.

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Friday November 27, 2009
Youth Engagement: Case Studies

Case Studies are meaningful learning tools for groups and organizations to understand how and why to set up youth engagement. From comprehending the structure required to get a programme going to the communication needed to make the programme successful…case studies are maps which lead the way. They can also open a window to what CAN…

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