Thursday December 10, 2009
Canadian Youth in Climate Change

Canadian youth may wonder “What can I do?”, “How can I make a change?”, “Does my voice really matter to get a message out?”. Youth can certainly make a difference, get organized and work – on a global level – to bring forth solutions to the hot topics. For example, have a look at this…

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Tuesday July 7, 2009
The Nature of a Teen

The Globe and Mail ran an article – “Misunderstood (for reals)” where the author, Sarah Boesveld, interviewed University of Cambridge veterinary anatomist David Bainbridge about the nature of teens. Dr. Bainbridge has written a book on the subject – “Teenagers: A Natural History” The following is an excerpt from that interview: This book is meant…

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Thursday July 2, 2009
Generation Y = Mini-Adults?

Is it right to expect teens to be mini-adults? Despite the fact that they have the means and opportunity to partake in international travel, study and work – it does not necessarily mean they are mini-adults. Today’s teens still has financial and emotional dependence on their parents. Perhaps, more so than any other teen generation.…

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Wednesday May 13, 2009
Retaining Youth

You’ve got the most connected generation interested in your organization. How to you retain their interest and dedication? Generation Y need to be included. Ensure your communications reach out to your volunteers, youth employees and youth audience. Catch them. Keep them. Communicatioins to Generation Y should be friendly, informative, informal, creative and motivational. Tweets, e-newsletters,…

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Saturday May 9, 2009
Influencers of Generation Y
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