Monday April 26, 2010
Generation Y Believes in Change

Generation Y strongly believes in change (both the idea of change and the concept that they are makers of change).  Having grown up in classroom settings where they have been invited into conversation, welcomed to help in decision making, applauded for flagging fault in process today’s youth know that their thoughts and opinions are valued and can impact change.

They have also grown up surrounded by change.  The way technology has changed our daily living.  The way communication has changed our social networks.  Politics, music, and justice have all changed throughout their life span.

Much like the Baby Boomers, Generation Y believes that their efforts can change the ways of the world.  And there is truth in that belief.  Generation Y has the social connectivity to create grassroots efforts.  They have tech skills which can make significant contribution to volunteer campaigns.  They have education talents which make them key community leaders.

Do YOU believe?…

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