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Tuesday March 16, 2010
Youth Positive

Today’s youth rally for change.

Their grandparent’s generation accepted the world as it was – the good and the bad.  They dealt the hand they got…and learned to ‘make do’ with little. 

How times do change.  Generation Y will not, WILL NOT, accept the world ‘as is’.  Further, they know they don’t have to.  Thanks to Baby Boomers challenge against social injustice and other generations which have taken up the fight…today’s youth know it is their right…and role…to be activists for change.

They not only have the passion for change.  They also have the education, skill set, experience and social network to make change happen.  They are a powerful group.  The most remarkable tool they have is that they BELIEVE.

Generation Y are change-makers.  They take on an issue on global and community levels.  Social injustice may have met its match with this generation.

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