Wednesday August 7, 2013
They took the corner office when you weren’t looking: Gen Y in the Workplace

Gen Y in the workplace That was then, this is now. Get ready for the generation revolution as half of Boomers now working are set to exit the workforce by 2015. The workforce dynamics are always changing – but none more so than the influx of Gen-Yers that are going to make up the majority…

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Tuesday June 18, 2013
On “Being Productive”

I had a sitter come to my house today and I had a total moment of panic when I realized I didn’t have my day set out. I had this great “advantage” of having paid help to look after my children and I hadn’t planned every moment of my day to be sufficiently productive! Usually…

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Friday April 12, 2013
Stop turning a blind eye to what your kid is capable of

Another young girl, full of potential, hope, and longing for a future that never came, is dead. It’s a shocking story to hear – a young woman is raped, humiliated, shamed and the boys, who were all known, escape any sort of punishment. The story has captured global attention – Rehtaeh Parsons was raped by…

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Tuesday April 9, 2013
How can Gen Y be expected to lead! Part II

The most common question I get when speaking at conferences and workshops about Gen Y, is what can we do to support them to do well in the workplace? I wrote an earlier blog about this, and it’s definitely a hot topic. Some other tips: 1. Give your staff an approximate range of time for…

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Thursday April 4, 2013
A celebration of teen love

I had a sitter today and I went to McDonald’s and had chicken nuggets for lunch. They were delicious, and I thought it was a bit ironic that the one time I can have lunch on my own without children I went to McDonald’s. But they had free wi-fi and I love McNuggets and Big Macs…

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Monday April 1, 2013
How can Gen Y be expected to lead?

How can Gen Y be expected to lead? I was having lunch with a colleague last week when she told me that she had been searching for a marriage counselor for her and her husband to visit (for maintenance purposes only). She had called a family practice which had a number of counselors working together. …

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