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Inspiring, enlightening, and thought provoking are just a few of the words that describe Michelle Dagnino's work. Through her public speaking engagements, workshop trainings, advocacy, and outreach work, Michelle motivates those around her to develop sustainable leadership strategies that promote forward thinking and nurture passion, dedication and innovation.

As a social entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant, Michelle works with individuals and organizations across the country and internationally to educate, inspire change and create educational and outreach programs that support the community. Her ground-breaking strategies foster social transformation and acceptance of cultural diversity that enable individuals, social groups and corporations to create programs that help build neighborhoods.

Michelle is recognized as a leading youth culture and generational change expert with invitations to speak and consult with companies and organizations worldwide, including at the World Urban Forum, the Global Partnership International Forum, the International Association for Public Participation, the UN General Assembly Special Session on the Child, and the UNESCO Youth Forum. Her dedication to her work has garnered her many awards and spotlighted her as one of Canada's leaders in social activism. Her complete biography is available here.

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